August 8, 2016

Kirara Magica Volume 6 - Sutema! I found a magical girl 6AB

The heavens must be falling, because we have another release in less than six months!

Jokes aside, hopefully this will be the sign that we can keep a regular release schedule. 

Kirara 27 comes out this month, so expect WA 8 soon. In the meantime, an appetizer, the first chapter of "Sutema! I found a magical girl" from Kirara 6.



  1. Thank you guys for all the scanlations!
    I was wondering what happened to Kirara Magica Volumes 6 onwards. Are all those missing comics unavailable? Or are you guys just busy? Anyways, thanks again! I'm looking forward to more scanlations :)

    1. We have excellent raws from Vol 6 to Vol 8. Ok-eish raws from volumes 9 to 15 and physical but unscanned volumes 16 to 26, so everything is accounted for.

      And yes, they are on to-do list because of issues with life.