June 27, 2015

Kirara Magica Volume 5 - Sutema! I found a magical girl A

Umm, this was ready a few days ago, but I kept on forgetting to publish it.

Regarding Wraith Arc

Our translator already finished the translation. However, the magazine has yet to arrive to us, so everything will be done and published once we can get raws or I can get my hands on the magazine.

Regarding Kirara 5

The rest of the comics of Kirara 5 are roughly translated, ready for proofing and editing. So we need help with translations or with Japanese->English proofreading.

June 4, 2015

UPDATE: Color Page. Mahou Shoujo Suzune Magica Volume 2

It's been a loooong time since the last release because of multiple complications.

But we are back, and this time we bring the long due release of Suzune Volume 2!

As always, any comments and suggestions are welcome, and of course, we always welcome any helping hand in bringing Madoka related manga to the English world, we especially need translators and QC in Japanese->English. If you have the skills please contact us here.


FigureGunplaFan from walpurgischan found the missing color page of volume 2, here we have it.

The page color will stay out of the file until we finish volume 3. it will be added to a planned batch upload.