December 31, 2014

Happy New Year with our Kindergarten girls!

We skipped a few volumes to bring a very holiday themed chapter. As seen in Kirara Volume 11, Mitakihara Kindergarten 11! Accompany the girls in their new year celebration!


December 24, 2014

Merry MadoHomu Christmas!

One way or the other, we are still here. And, there's nothing better for Christmas than HomuMado! So here we have a short comic from pixiv.

And we got our volume of Kirara 16, soon we'll be publishing the raws, look forward to it.


Original at pixiv

November 30, 2014

Kirara Volume 5 - Mitakihara Antimaterials 5

For those of you that did't know about them, we'll be publishing small summaries about the Kirara stories as we get them out of the oven.

In Mitakihara Antimaterials, Mami asked Homura to move in with her. This time is Valentine!


November 15, 2014

Kirara Magica Volumes 1-4

Our current big project.

Thanks to Primadog we were able to publish the oneshots and serials of the first 4 volumes of Kirara in English, while Primadog and the people at the Madoka wiki took care of the interviews and announcements. All of this was previously published in /a/ and /u/, so this is another repost. Click each cover to get the archive of the comics of the volume.

Also, you can find the folder for all volumes here (MEGA here). We update the folder as we finish oneshots, so keep an eye on it.

Rebellion Story Manga Adaptation

Nothing better to open the Silver Garden than the opening itself.

Scanlating the Rebellion manga was a bumpy road, with the sudden disappearance of Nakulas, the first translator, the long waiting for someone to pick up the project, and then again, the loss of two thirds of the editing team. What should've been the work of a couple of months became a six-month-long trip.

But anyway, here we are, the opening of the Garden. Thanks to Nakulas, Boss Slime and his mysterious partner for helping us and to Dan Daxing for saving us when we needed.



Welcome to Silver Garden Translations!

As the title says, we are Silver Garden Translations, a small project with the aim of bringing Madoka related manga, doujins and one-shots to the English fandom.

Among our ranks there are total newbies, experienced translators, editors, and people who just enjoy anime in general, especially Madoka; so, naturally, we strive to work on as many projects as we can.

As of now, our current projects include translating most of the Kirara one-shots, the Oriko, Suzune, and Tart spin-off manga and many, many more Madoka stuff. We are slow because there's just a few of us, but that's why we need all the help we can get: if you have any skills in Japanese-English translations or proofreading, we have a spot for you.

Keep an eye on us; we are always working on something!