December 24, 2017

Kirara Magica Vol 17 - Mahou Shoujo Bu 14

Hello! Today we're moving across time and space to deliver a very special season-themed chapter!

Additionally, without news from that one corporation, we're planning on delivering something super delayed next year. So, stay tuned!

December 3, 2017

Madoka Magica Anthology 3 - The Last Supper (Oneshot)

Our main translator and Dear Leader is a bit indisposed at the moment, so it's your friendly Camellia sinensis-powered, semi-sentient translating machine lill H here with some more Madoka manga for you guys. Today's oneshot is about fried rice, or it would be, if Sayaka could cook. I quite liked this one, but it is a little tragic that we all know exactly how the stories set in the canon timeline will inevitably end. In any case, enjoy, and take the time to sit down and have a meal with someone you care about when you have the chance to.

This is a bit different from what we normally do, but we also have three cute 4komas from the yuri/mystery visual novel SeaBed (though I don't think yuri or mystery are entirely fitting labels for the game, as I'll explain below), drawn by the game's art director. I believe SeaBed is best described as the story of two lovers, Sachiko and Takako, separated by strange circumstances that neither of them fully understand, and how they each cope with the absence of the other.

October 31, 2017

Kirara Volume 22 - Kaname-ke 16

No, we don't have everything until volume 22 complete and held hostage. Just thought that to celebrate Halloween we could fast-forward to bring something sweet. As it is a SoL kind of series, no problem in skipping ahead, so please enjoy!

Who could guess we could regain momentum at the end of the year? Maybe we could even have some surprises in the future! As always, feel free to drop by.

If you're willing to leave us candy, apologems are always accepted! Sweet, sweet apologems~

Happy Halloween!

October 16, 2017

Kirara Magica Vol 11 - Chitchat of Mitakihara's Magical Girls - Oneshot

Hi everyone. Today we have a small and fun release, so please enjoy!

This one was done in time record, but once December starts, more energy will be allocated to translations. Remember that you can always drop us a message.

Fight those 1% odds with saving, saving, saving!

September 30, 2017

Kirara Volume 9 - Happy Birthday (Oneshot)

Increasing the pace! Even if it's a little bit!

To celebrate Kyouko's current rate up, we're very excited to bring you a small oneshot of volume 9, translated by our newest member! Let's call him H, for now.

Many thanks to H for joining us and immediately assisting with a new release! Look forward to new, and possibly outlandish, endeavors. As always, feel free to contact us. See you next time.

September 16, 2017

Kirara Volume 8 - Mitakihara Antimaterials 8

A new chapter has arrived! Anti-materials 8 is out for release! Many thanks to our resident cow for QCing this one.

As always, feel free to drop by. Make sure to leave a message on our email as well, as our available times are small due to timezones.

August 19, 2017

Kirara Volume 7 - Mitakihara Antimaterials 7

After a short absence, we come with another fresh delivery of HomuMami homely life!

If you have contacted us before and we haven't answered I want to apologize, I promise I'll improve answer times. Do enjoy.

May 19, 2017

Kirara Volume 6 - Mitakihara Antimaterials 6

Not gonna fill another entry complaining about life anymore. Enjoy some HomuMami sugar!

Young blood willing to bring more Madoka into English is always welcomed! Drop us a message!

February 14, 2017

Kirara Magica Volume 28 - Wraith Arc 9

Here it is! After several trials and tribulations, we finally bring you Wraith Arc 9!

I know this is long overdue. This is mainly my fault due to several personal circumstances hindering our progress on it.

This chapter was also heavy in information and exposition. The most difficult thing I had to TL alone so far. Please, do enjoy!

Many thanks to our editor for putting up with my wishes at really early hours as well! And remember, you can contact us by email, IRC or comments. We're always looking for people willing to help. Kirara might be on hiatus, but there's a lot of work to be done!

BTW, MadoHomu OTP