September 29, 2016

Kirara Magica Volume 27 - Wraith Arc 8

At this rate, soon enough we'll qualify as liches too. Maybe we can develop magical translation powers or something.

Either way, Chapter 8 is out now! Some shocking truth moments that really make one think that Madoka's world needed more development before jumping to Rebellion.

Do enjoy!

As always, most needed right now is translators JAP->ENG and proofreaders. Feel free to drop a message!

August 8, 2016

Kirara Magica Volume 6 - Sutema! I found a magical girl 6AB

The heavens must be falling, because we have another release in less than six months!

Jokes aside, hopefully this will be the sign that we can keep a regular release schedule. 

Kirara 27 comes out this month, so expect WA 8 soon. In the meantime, an appetizer, the first chapter of "Sutema! I found a magical girl" from Kirara 6.


July 24, 2016

Kirara Magica Volume 26 - Wraith Arc 7


Not really dead but no really alive either.

Suffering from a lack of manpower, but we managed to get Wraith Arc 7 ready!

Due to unforeseen circumstances, this chapter could not receive a proper Quality Check. So, as always, we are open to anyone willing to give us a hand in QC, proofreading and, of course, JAP-ENG translations, which will allow us to release more content and faster.

March 28, 2016

Mahou Shoujo Suzune Magica Volume 3

No, we aren't dead. Just soul-crushingly understaffed.

Even so, we managed to get this finally ready. The last Volume of Suzune Magica is now available!

More surprises incoming, stay tuned

January 1, 2016

Kirara Magica Volume 5 - By Madoka's side

Happy New Year to everyone!

We managed to squeeze a release almost in time to welcome the new year. By Madoka's Side by Koto, from volume 5 of Kirara.

We've received several emails about the status of some of our projects. Immediate response is that we haven't dropped anything. All other issues regarding Wraith Arc, Suzune and Oriko among others will be addressed in a future post. Until then, see you everyone!