November 15, 2014

Welcome to Silver Garden Translations!

As the title says, we are Silver Garden Translations, a small project with the aim of bringing Madoka related manga, doujins and one-shots to the English fandom.

Among our ranks there are total newbies, experienced translators, editors, and people who just enjoy anime in general, especially Madoka; so, naturally, we strive to work on as many projects as we can.

As of now, our current projects include translating most of the Kirara one-shots, the Oriko, Suzune, and Tart spin-off manga and many, many more Madoka stuff. We are slow because there's just a few of us, but that's why we need all the help we can get: if you have any skills in Japanese-English translations or proofreading, we have a spot for you.

Keep an eye on us; we are always working on something!

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