August 9, 2015

Kirara Magica Volume 20 - Wraith Arc 1

We fast forward several volumes to bring you the anticipated first chapter of the Wraith Arc!

Many thanks to our editor and translator, working awesomely as always, and to our provider Mimi Hamburger from for saving us from RAW hell.

Enjoy it everyone and look forward to more from us!


  1. Excellent scanlation work, as always.

    The chapter is in need of some proofreading, though. Awkwardly structured sentences, missing or incorrect punctuation, and random words unnecessarily capitalized are abound.

    Somewhat unrelated, but can you provide a progress report on the scanlation for volume 3 of Suzune Magica, and how much longer it may need before publishing?

    1. Translator here. I am not really aware of what the final product looks like, and would likely be critical if I saw it, too. I will check out my translated works as soon as I can and maybe propose a post-edit with revisions once it's all done. Capitals are my own convention because they're names or questionably names, but they may not be appropriate, especially if the fans and official works don't capitalize terms.

      Further criticism is welcome. Detailed criticism is prefered.

    2. Internet issues prevented me from replying.

      Thanks for your feedback, we might need to do a V2 by the time Chapter 2 is ready, we'll take everything into consideration.

      And about Suzune. Volume 3 is fully scanned, but the translator will be unavailable for some time. Once we have new info, we'll make it public. Suzune raws will be published in the future.

  2. hey are you guys going to do vol. 2 on the wraith arc too? Good work on everything else so far!

  3. Just found you guys, huge thanks for what you do!

  4. Thanks for the great work, now I'm waiting for the next chapter xD