February 10, 2018

Collab release - Memories of Christmas (MagiReco)

Hello again, lazeez-chan here with another deliciously marinated bite of gratuitously gay, gacha-inspired goodness, spiced to perfection and topped with our signature sauces. We're sure this one's going to hit the heartstrings hard. As I look out my window and watch the snow gently blanket the city in white, I can almost imagine that Christmas was just yesterday, and it'd be incredibly convenient if actually were, because then this release wouldn't be a month and a half late.


In any case, the teams at Silver Garden and TFO would like to wish everyone a Merry (belated) Christmas. We hope you all had a restful and enjoyable holiday, whether you spent yours with family and friends; alone in your room with MagiReco open on your tablet, a smothered burrito, and the lights off; or at work like always, because someone needs to keep the lights on. Hopefully you weren't spending it in an embarrassingly revealing Santa outfit making ends meet, and if you were, we hope this little short makes you like this season just a little bit more.

Until next time, the teams at Silver Garden and TFO.

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