March 8, 2018

Collab and Oneshot

Hi everyone and happy New Year! Just dropping 2 small things today, because it's always time for MadoHomu and you can't go wrong with dorks in love (that is, unless they commit horrible crimes in future chapters)!ik4TRSLL!Hzp42Uup5mzb5TnuSqGR70b6DBCdngPvVZgeD5hs5X8!axhBWSDB!fS_9znHKpPMzjmnWjuzSLNUNTtmP2pmrsBRSVGqhYDQ 

Also, we've seen some errors pointed out in previous releases. We're working on fixing them and will issue V3 as soon as possible, thank you for your help Mutopis!

See ya!

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